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Been starting to do picture... messing. I'm editing pictures. Send some to contact /!at!\ augitesoul *dot* fr if you want...

I do not aim to do a specific kind of art. I can't define it yet. It is abstract art, for now. What you will see below are only experiments.

A reminder through: clicking on the pictures will give you the .zip of my progress. If you want the picture alone, right-click and "Save As". Thanks.

I use paint.NET as my main tool. And a lot of plugins, to fit my tinkering needs. MOSH was also used in some of my pictures.

And while I do this, I listen to vaporwave from Jason Sanders. He does some cool playlists!

Oh, and a last thing before you can see. A nice chat is always nice to have. It puts thought to a challenge, it shows everything you are. It makes you escape your dreams.

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