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7-29-2018: Updated CSS and minor changes

2-21-2018: Happy new year, remade the visuals.

12-4-2017: Added link to art page and did some styling, that's all.

12-3-2017: Long time so see, finally an update. Was too lazy than usual and got a true domain. Pages got updated too. Expect stuff soon!

7-23-2017: unimportant, useless

7-5-2017: Hey, another big overhaul! Now using Bootstrap for all the main pages. Removing silly stuff like the snow or the spinning cube for now.

5-26-2017: Planning a big overhaul. Soon all active pages(AKA not the aprilfools one, and some others) will end on .php. Oh, and a random background each time :P

5-19-2017: yay, now all pages with links are lighter

4-17-2017: My own procedural sentence generator. Based out of asie's Minecraft Drama Generator: - - As it's PHP you'll have trouble getting the source outside of the github! It's still a WIP, and I'm planning to finish it soon, and making a readable version. You can use the raw text in any work with credit :)

4-15-2017: added a animated background, and fixed wrong blog link

4-10-2017: doing some graphical improvements, @vos won't get annoyed x)

4-3-2017: shit, they cracked the code and made my site https ^^ thanks anyways

4-1-2017: Now the site is secure using a 65536-bit key that includes obscure Unicode characters

3-26-2017: Added links for the homepage in every page, so no problem

3-15-2017: Added snow on every page, planning to do it on next pages too

3-14-2017: Remade the blog according to the template, doing other pages too ;)